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Nurse Clinics

See what our nurses can do for you and your pet

Free Weight Clinics

If you are worried about your pet’s weight, you can book your pet in to see our nurses for monthly ‘Weight Clinics’. Here, our nurses can help you with your pet’s diet, nutrition and any other health worries you may have relating to your pet’s weight.

Free Senior Clinics

As your pet reaches the age of 7, they are entering into their senior years, it is very important to keep on top of your pet’s health and keep an eye out for any of the signs of ageing, which are: subtle changes of reduced energy, stiffness, and changes in eating and drinking habits, reduced vision, hearing or brain function.

This is why we run free senior clinics with our nurses; during these clinics our nurses will discuss any health issues or changes in your pet’s behaviour. Your pet will receive a full health examination by a qualified veterinary nurse, nutritional advice and advice on any changes you can make to ensure your pet is living life to the full.

Free Flea & Worming Checks

Your kitten or puppy will be growing at a rapid rate and will need flea and worm treatment once a month. As they are growing, we need to keep an up to date record of their weight to make sure they are receiving the correct dosage of flea and wormer for them.

If you struggle to administer any worm tablets or flea pipettes, our nurses will be able to assist you. All you will have to pay for will be the flea and worming products, unless you are on our Pet Health Club in which case they are all included in the monthly cost.

Nail Clips, Anal Glands & Tick Removals 

Does your pet regularly need their nails clipped or have their anal glands expressed?

Instead of booking in with one of our vets, our qualified nurses are able to clip your pet’s nails, express their anal glands and remove those pesky ticks in the summer months, all at a reduced rate.

Post-Operative Checks

Our team of qualified veterinary nurses are able to check if your pet is recovering well from most surgical procedures, unless the vet states otherwise.

If you would like any information on our Nurse Clinics or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you further.

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