Neutering involves spaying a female pet (removal of the ovaries) or castration of a male pet (removal of both testicles). This removes the source of the sex hormones and is recommended for many reasons in small animals.

Why should I neuter my rabbit?

The benefits of spaying and castrating include:

  • Eliminate the risk of uterine tumours in females so increasing life expectancy
  • Prevents unwanted litters in multi rabbit household
  • Reduces aggression in both males and females and enables pair bonding as are calmer and more relaxed.

When can I neuter my rabbit?

 Rabbits can be castrated or spayed from around 4 months old depending on the individual size.

How long for recovery?

Neutering procedures are carried out between Monday - Friday. Recovery at home from the anaesthetic normally only takes a day or so but the wound can take up to around 10 days to fully heal so restricted exercise during this time is recommended. The necessary follow up checks and pain relief are included.

Feel free to book in to speak to a nurse or vet to discuss neutering and to answer any questions you may have.

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