Like our dogs and cats rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries can be at risk of infestations by fleas and worms. Just like dogs and cats it is easy to treat and prevent these parasites although be careful- some products that are safe for dogs and cats can be toxic to small furries.  


Small furries are also prone to skin mites.  In rabbits these are commonly Cheyletiella mites; these cause a flaky, dandruff appearance to the rabbit’s skin and can be very itchy.  Mites in other small furries may also cause patches of sore skin.  Your pet will need a course of special drops in order to treat this condition. 


The most important parasite of rabbits is E Cuniculi- this is a protozoal parasite that can affect rabbits’ internal organs- especially the neurological system, eyes and kidneys.  Left untreated this parasite can be fatal.  Symptoms can be as simple as a head tilt and if you see any signs of concern always contact your vets straight away.

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