At Zetland Veterinary Group we have a newly refurbished, fully equipped laboratory staffed by our veterinary nurse team. We have a wide range of different tests at our disposal, to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

In our lab we can run lots of different diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong with your pet or to monitor existing disease.

Haematology is the analysis of the blood cells. We have a state of the art haematology analyser which gives red and white blood cell counts.

Biochemistry shows us the patient’s metabolic parameters, such as the liver and kidney enzymes.

Urine analysis is performed to assess kidney function and to screen for diabetes. Our veterinary nurse team are trained to examine the urine under the microscope to look for evidence of infections or crystals/stones in the urine.

Cytology is the examination of cells. Our vets are able to examine slides from ears, skin lumps and bodily fluids to look for evidence of infections, inflammation and even some cancers.

Dermatology examinations include looking for parasites in the skin and ears, and checking for skin infections with bacteria or yeasts.