At Zetland Veterinary Group we we offer all our clients Free Flea Checks with their pet when they purchase any flea or worm product from us.

Free Flea Checks

We offer this because many of our products are Prescription Only. This means they can only be dispensed if your pet has been seen by our vet within the last 12 months. You cannot find prescription only products in any supermarkets or pet stores - if you do see them online you will need a written prescription from your veterinary surgeon.

During the check our veterinary surgeon will give your pet a head to toe examination to make sure they are fit and healthy for the flea treatment. Once examined you will be able to come in and pick up the prescription flea treatment for the next year. If you have a young pet it is good to bring them in for regular weight checks to make sure they are getting the correct dose for their weight.

If your pet has a health problem, a free flea check won’t be an appropriate appointment for you – please book in for a vet consult if your pet is unwell or injured.

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