Regular parasite prevention is an important part of your pet’s routine healthcare throughout their lives. Here at Zetland Veterinary Group we provide a wide range of different types of products which can be tailored to suit your individual pet’s needs.

Flea treatment for cats

Cats should be treated once every 4 weeks for fleas and mites and some may need additional tick control if they are exposed to ticks. Ticks are not only unsightly but also carry disease such as Lyme disease.

Our most popular product is a monthly ‘spot-on’ treatment for cats. It provides protection from fleas, biting lice, and ear and skin mites, roundworms. Other products are also available in collar and tablet formulations for cats.

Worm treatment for catscat having worming treatment

Adult cats need worming for roundworms and tapeworms every 3 months. In addition, kittens need worming monthly for roundworms until 6 months old. Wormers come in tablet or spot on formulations, these should be used alongside the combined flea & round wormer ‘spot-on’ treatments.

Some of our products are prescription only medications, meaning we can only dispense them to your pet if they have been seen by a vet within the last year. We offer Free Flea Checks with our veterinary surgeons where they will give your pet a health check and dispense a product suitable for your pet. You will only be charged for the flea and worming product. It is vital we know your pet’s current weight as our flea & wormer treatment dosages are based on your pets weight.

For any more information on any of the products we sale, please do not hesitate to call us and one of our friendly team members can assist you further. In addition we can deliver your pet’s flea & worming products straight to your door free of charge. Just call our friendly customer care team to place your order on 0117 970 4133.

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