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Miggy The Rabbit

Meet Miggy, a very special rabbit who needed some extra help when she injured her leg earlier in the year. Miggy was a rescue who had a previous life as a show rabbit.

When some rabbits compete at events they have a metal band placed around their leg to help identify them. This is normally harmless and Miggy had a band on her leg for several years with no issues.

Miggy’s owner noticed at a weekend that Miggy’s leg had puffed up, and the ring was causing a problem by cutting off the blood supply to the leg below it. Very quickly the lower leg became incredibly swollen. The ring would be very difficult to remove as it was thick metal but also so close and tight to Miggy’s skin.

Step in Chris the fireman, who, after we made a late night visit to the fire station, removed the ring around Miggy’s leg very quickly with no complications. Luckily the fire service has encountered this problem many times in people, especially with wedding rings around fingers. This was however the first time they’d had to use the equipment on anything with fur!

Worryingly the ring had already done a lot of damage to Miggy’s leg and we were concerned that we would have to amputate.  Miggy is a fighter though, and after 24 hours of fluids and antibiotics there was already some improvement in the condition of her skin, so we decided to continue to use antibiotics and pain relief and monitor her closely.


Thanks to a lot of hard work by her owners and our nursing team we are happy to say Miggy has made a full recovery and is still hopping around happily on four legs.

We could not have done it without the help of the amazing Bristol Fire Services who really did help us save the day!

Watch Miggy's story below!